Tiny House Resources

Below are some helpful resources and organizations we recommend for people interested in building a tiny house. 

MicroLift Institute 
The MicroLife Institute is a 501(c)3 non profit based in Atlanta GA. We embrace the ideals of “Less Is more” and advocate for better zoning policy to allow for housing to be built for the good of connecting community. We educate , advocate, focus on research and pilot projects that demonstrate this philosophy to create change across the world. The MicroLife Institute is a hub that connects individuals, policy makers, and professionals to rethink how we utilize space inside the walls of a structure and beyond while building community and social conscience. This institute focuses on others and helping them see how less space could mean more life. 

Small House Society 
“A voice for the small house movement.” Advocates for Less. There has always been an interest in small houses. However this interest is rapidly growing today as a result of various factors such as: economic conditions, concern about the environment, and a desire for simple more effective living. People who are able to make smaller living spaces work often end up having more time and money for other areas of life such as marriage, family, education, fitness, and career. This helps create a more balanced and enjoyable life. Mission. Our desire is to support the research, development, and use of smaller living spaces that foster sustainable living for individuals, families, and communities worldwide.

Tiny House Talk
Tiny House Talk is a great tiny house community website that has a ton of resources, including tiny house plans, a list of tiny house builders, a list of tiny house consultants, a tiny house events calendar, a blog that features tiny houses, and a fabulous tiny house newsletter. 

Tiny House Expedition 
The Tiny House Expedition was founded by Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons, documentary filmmakers, educators, and advocates on an extraordinary 'Journey with a Purpose' with our DIY tiny home on wheels. As co-founders of Tiny House Expedition, seek to inspire others to redefine home and rethink housing through thought-provoking storytelling, resource sharing, and educational events. Their documentary work includes the acclaimed three-part educational series, Living Tiny Legally. They also support the tiny house advocacy efforts by serving on the American Tiny House Association board of advisors and Tiny Home Industry Association board of directors. In 2020, they debuted three series on the SHG Living Network—now streaming on all smart devices.

Tiny House Atlanta
Tiny House Atlanta is a program for the Georgia nonprofit MicroLife Institute dedicated to building walkable, sustainable "micro-hood" communities while educating individuals, groups and cities about the positive impacts of micro living. Tiny House Atlanta holds regular meetings and is one of the largest tiny house Meetup Groups in the nation.