The Golley House

A Modular, Environmentally Friendly Tiny House Flat-Pack Kit

Tiny houses developed as a cost-effective solution to your need for extra space, alternative housing or rental income.

Golley Houses provides tiny houses with design options for 8 feet of stand-up headroom in the loft.  

The flat-pack kit is made of environmentally friendly Structural Insulated Panels that can be assembled by three to four people in as little as one to two days. The basic kit uses only 30 panels to assemble your GOLLEY HOUSE, but additional panels can easily be added for extra space. The modular panels provide a strong, energy efficient structure that can be customized to match your needs.


Your tiny home

Affordable Housing
Guest Retreat
Homeschool Room
Creative / Hobby Space


Your tiny office

Home Office
Artist Studio
Recording Studio


Your tiny rental property

Airbnb Vacation Rental
Multi-unit Rentals
Backyard Rental

The Golley House as an ADU

Homeowners often need extra space for many reasons, but home renovations or moving to a larger home can be time consuming and expensive. An alternative option is to create that extra space with a GOLLEY HOUSE. Golley Houses are zoned as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which are independent dwelling structures that provide additional space or stand-alone housing on the same lot as a detached single-family home. ADUs provide self-contained spaces for living, working, and playing. Use your GOLLEY HOUSE as an apartment for an aging parent or child returning home. Earn additional income with a rental unit, or build your dream cottage or cabin at the lake or mountains. Create your own workspace with a home office, or build your dream art studio. The possibilities are endless and affordable. Cost controls, efficient manufacturing methods and environmentally sensitive materials make the GOLLEY HOUSE an affordable alternative housing option.

Modularity = Flexibility

The GOLLEY HOUSE, with its modular design and simple assembly, enables customization for a range of uses. The modular components can easily be transported into remote areas and assembled with simple tools. This modularity also allows for the simple addition of living space to the basic unit. The GOLLEY HOUSE is a highly efficient green solution for affordable housing needs. Many cities are supporting the need for affordable housing solutions in existing neighborhoods and are modifying zoning and building codes to make the addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) possible and in many cases are encouraging the process. Contact your local zoning department to discuss the specific zoning requirements for your area. The zoning personnel will be able to guide you through the building permitting process so you work within the regulations in your jurisdiction.


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About us

GOLLEY HOUSES was created by Frank Golley as his contribution to addressing the affordable housing crisis. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be homes, offices and studios. The GOLLEY HOUSE has been designed using manufacturing and modularity to create a simple to assemble structure that can be customized to match it’s intended use.

Golley Houses