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All the materials needed to build your GOLLEY HOUSE are included in the basic kit. Each kit includes:
   - The pre-cut structural panels for the walls, roof and floor
    - All the splines, precut lumber, fasteners, caulk and foam sealant

The Basic GOLLEY HOUSE is 10 feet wide and 16 feet deep.

The side walls are 12 feet tall to allow for the addition of a loft space that has real stand-up headroom. The finished height of the GOLLEY HOUSE is in excess of 16 ft.

Using Structural Insulating Panels creates a very "tight" insulated structure for energy efficiency and strength.

The 30 SIPs used for the basic GOLLEY HOUSE include insulated walls, ceiling and floor.


Match your style

The GOLLEY HOUSE Kit provides the structure and you supply the finishes to match the style or purpose you like. 

The level of finish is up to the owner. The ideas below are just a few of the possibilities. Choose the roofing material, siding and detailing with either cost or style in mind.



Arts and Crafts

Farm House

Arts & Crafts w/ Porch

The basic floor plan is open all the way to the roof providing up 16 feet of height.

A loft with 8 feet of standup headroom is easily added providing additional living or storage space.

Basic Floor Plan

Guest Room

In-Law Suite using a loft


Energy Efficiency

Using Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs) creates a very tight insulated structure for energy efficiency and strength. The 30 SIPs used for the basic GOLLEY HOUSE include insulated walls, ceiling and floor. Structural Insulating Panels are constructed as a sandwich of Oriented Strand Board(OSB) and Encapsulated Polystyrene foam(EPS). The SIPs replace the traditional house framing creating a monocoque  structure much like the frame of your car or the shell of an egg. The panels are joined with splines and nails then glued with injected foam sealing the panel joints creating an envelope with no openings except for the for window and doors.

The panel thickness determines the R-value of the panel and because there is very little air infiltration it is easy to achieve a very energy efficient building.

Foundation Systems

Zoning regulations may require that you place your GOLLEY HOUSE on a particular type of foundation. The type of foundation you choose can vary greatly in cost and provide different performance characteristics.

When building on a concrete slab you may not need the insulated flooring panels.

For the best results, work with an experienced contractor to install whatever foundation system you choose to use and to install the necessary utilities. Water, electricity and sewer should be provided at the site prior to the installation of your GOLLEY HOUSE. If you are planning to use your GOLLEY HOUSE off the grid the energy efficiency of the SIP panels makes it an ideal platform to work with.


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About us

GOLLEY HOUSES was created by Frank Golley as his contribution to addressing the affordable housing crisis. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be homes, offices and studios. The GOLLEY HOUSE has been designed using manufacturing and modularity to create a simple to assemble structure that can be customized to match it’s intended use.

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