Frank Golley
Designer of The GOLLEY HOUSE

Frank Golley, founder and designer of the GOLLEY HOUSE, began his career in industrial design with degrees from The Georgia Institute of Technology and North Carolina State University. He has designed IBM computers, Star Wars branded toys for Kenner, vending machines, package designs for Coca-Cola USA and has multiple patents. He is always looking for solutions to improve people’s lives.

For more than 20 years, Frank has been in the real estate industry, both flipping houses and selling homes. As broker/owner of Golley Realty Group LLC, Frank has witnessed firsthand how the issue of affordable housing is becoming a national crisis that affects homeowners and tenants, including many of Frank’s clients. In response, Frank created GOLLEY HOUSES as his contribution to addressing the affordable housing crisis, including helping homeowners create additional space at a reasonable cost. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be homes, offices and studios. The GOLLEY HOUSE has been designed using efficient manufacturing methods and modularity to create a simple-to-assemble structure that can be customized for a range of uses.